What we are:

Open One is a leading telecommunications solutions provider offering businesses world-wide lower costs, effective software integration, and seamless phone and IT transitions. We are also the creators of the popular PizaBoX.

What to expect:

We offer local technical support. I know this might seem obvious. However, many companies which offer Chicago Business VoIP services are simply sales agents and have no technical staff to deploy.

We never charge a VoIP System Management Fee. Again, as many Chicago Business VoIP service providers are not really providers at all but simply resell someone else product and in order for them to make a profit they add an additional management fee to your monthly statement.

Taxes and Fee’s: Did you know this is a profit center for many Hosted VoIp Providers. We have seen these charges as high as 48%. Most think just because it a fee it is the same from all providers. This is indeed false.

We extend mont-to-month agreements. We at Open One Solutions believe we need to earn your business each and every month. This is one of the reasons we are one of the top Chicago Business VoIP providers.

Equipment Rental Program: We will wrap in a professional on-site installation including complete system training along with the equipment in one convent mostly equipment rental charge.

What we do:

We assist moving businesses by effectively handling network and phone transitions to the new location, provide custom-tailored solutions designed to integrate your phone system with your daily business operations, implement reliable disaster recovery continuity plans, and work tirelessly to save you time, money, and stress.

Open One Solutions is a technology organization specializing in the latest advancements of IP-telephony and system integrations. Similar to a neurosurgeon performing surgery, our experienced technicians examine your business’s communication infrastructure, diagnose any issues in the efficiency of the system, and prescribe the optimal solution built to fit within your specific requirements, timeline and budget.

Some of the solutions we bring to the table include the following:

  • Assisting clients in creating disaster recovery & business continuity strategy and implementation.
  • Developing a company’s IP migration strategy and system upgrades.
  • Providing custom software solutions and integration to increase your company’s productivity and efficiency while saving you time and money.
  • Our IP-based phone system is built with the capabilities of serving your needs as well as your needs into the future.
  • Specializing in a complete and competitive phone system and technology migrations for business moves.
  • Typically our clients save 20-65% in the area of telecom and technology expenditures for local, long distance, data, wireless, and high speed internet services.
  • For businesses requiring a new service provider, our unbiased vender-agnostic approach allows us to freely discuss with you a multitude of the available options, and together we work with you to implement the chosen option.

Every one of our staff has a prolific background in the telecom industry, with a “clients come first” and “we can make it happen” attitude, which has given us an unparalleled reputation among our clientele.

Our goal is to take a long-term approach with our clients, and work with you now and into the future. Our process saves you time, money and frustration, allowing you more time to perform the needed activities of running a company.

From the first day till completion, we handle the process every step of the way guaranteeing your satisfaction, and a more efficient communication structure for your company.