Do you have a Business Voice and Internet Continuity Plan in place?

Studies show that 92% of all businesses that lose their Telephone and Internet Service for a week or more go bankrupt within a year. This does not have to be you, provided the proper Business Continuity Plans are implemented.

As our client, you will be able to conduct business without the “what if” looming in your mind, thanks to our proven back up plan that automatically initiates when needed to ensure your phones keep ringing, and you don’t lose business.

How does it work?

  • We replicate your auto attendant on our secure, robust hosted backup system .
  • Calls are re-routed to the appropriate devices.
  • You have the ability of transferring calls, conferencing and more.
  • Complete Custom Solutions are available for back up and replication.

How do we do this?

    • Our Affordable Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plans start at only $49.95 a month.


    • $49.95 a month.
    • One time set up fee.
    • Usage Fee only in event of Disaster


  • Complete Customized Solutions.
  • Integrate to cells, soft phones for laptops, home, iPhones or Androids, add IP phones.
  • Integrate your existing Disaster Recovery Internet and Data back up site.
  • Can completely replicate your phone system.

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