Do You Know VoIP Can Do All This?

This is Part 2 of a two-part series. (Read Part 1.)

With all the fuss around social media and “Live” videos, thinking about your phone service might seem old fashioned. But the reality is that the phone is still a vital part of any business, and today’s highly sophisticated, cloud-based VoIP systems can do so much much more than old school land lines or in-house phone systems.

You’re probably familiar with the basics of VoIP. But most companies use only about 50 percent of the functionality of their VoIP systems. Here are 8 more cool things VoIP can do that many people don’t know about…

9) Have that Full-Time Receptionist Without the Cost

At a fraction of the cost of hiring (and keeping via perks/benefits) a full-time, live receptionist, VoIP gives you the ability to have a live “receptionist” answer your phone lines when no one on your team is available to take the call.

Think of this is a new-and-much-improved answering service: While this person may only be able to answer basic questions about your business, they can forward calls directly to the appropriate staff, advise the caller about who is and is not available, take a message, or send the caller to the appropriate voicemail. The person answers the phone anytime your team can’t, unlike a traditional answering service, which only answers calls after hours and during specific, designated times.

This can make your business look larger than it is and maintain a professional appearance. No more worries about an unanswered call while your team has a meeting or someone steps out for lunch.

10) Make Calls From and Answer Calls For Multiple Numbers

Do you operate more than one business from the same location? Or perhaps your company answers or places calls on behalf of multiple clients? With VoIP, the system can tell you before you answer which company or client an incoming phone call is for. This helps you answer the phone accordingly for each client. And likewise, outbound calls can be made using that company or client’s phone number.

Employees who work remotely can also use the VoIP app on their cell phones to ensure the caller ID shows your company, not their personal cell number. On the inbound call, they can be notified that the call is work-related, not personal, ensuring they answer appropriately. Like so many other VoIP features, this capability ensures a consistent, professional and unified image for your company or for your clients.

11) Improved Communications from Your Website

New customers will most likely find your business online. Rather than simply posting a phone number that they will need to copy/paste or write down, you can use a click-to-dial widget. This allows a potential client to simply click on the widget, and it will dial the selected VoIP number you’ve programmed in. This is a way to pick up new clients who might otherwise keep looking because they can’t write down your number.

And for those individuals who prefer text messaging, VoIP also gives you a way to install “Text Us Now” code on your website. Your prospects and clients can send a text message from your website to your business, and your team can easily receive and respond to messages with a computer app.

12) Toll Free/Vanity Numbers

Previously, only big companies with big budgets could afford that priceless 800 number or the much-coveted vanity number (1-800-Dentist, 1-800-Burgers). But with VoIP, vanity numbers are within the budget of most small businesses.

Vanity numbers are easier for people to remember than digits, and some studies have shown that 90 percent of Americans have contacted a company via a toll free or vanity number after viewing an advertisement.

13) Know Before You Call or Transfer

Have you ever had your call transferred, only to be met with a busy signal, forcing you to hang up and call back? With a VoIP system, you will be able to see directly from your phone if the line you want to transfer the call to is occupied. You can avoid sending calls to lines that are already in use and, therefore, avoid annoying your client and possibly missing a sale.

14) Voicemail Controls

Answering business calls on your cell phone is great. But what happens when you can’t take an incoming call? With VoIP, you can choose to accept or reject the call, and when you reject it, the line will be sent to your office voicemail—not your cell phone voicemail.

15) Forward Messages and Voicemail

If you should receive a voicemail or message from a client and you would like to share it with others within your department or your business, VoIP allows you to do that with a few simple clicks. Imagine the convenience and time savings that come with not having to type out the client’s message or to repeatedly forward it, one by one, to multiple persons.

16) The Never-Absent Receptionist

More than voicemail, your system includes an automated robot receptionist that can answer the phone in a friendly, almost-human voice. Robot receptionists can answer calls after hours or on weekends. This service can transfer calls, send calls directly to voicemail, offer some basic support, and even provide answers to basic questions, such as your location or business hours.

While this will never take the place of a real human being, it’s better than an unanswered call that goes directly to voicemail.

The Bottom Line

VoIP is much more capable and adaptable than any landline phone system on the market today. And when you choose Open One Solutions, we can help you tailor your VoIP system to suit your business. You don’t have to accept a generic, cookie-cutter system made for “most” companies.

When it first came out, VoIP was touted for saving money compared to in-house phone systems. But today, it’s about making it easy and convenient for your customers to communicate with you, about giving you the flexibility to operate from anywhere, and about added security from hackers.

Moving to a VoIP system can be confusing or overwhelming, especially if you talk to a salesperson who spouts a lot of jargon. With Open One Solutions, we walk you through the whole process step-by-step, and we handle all of the set up, network pre-requisites, installation and training.

All you have to do is think about all the ways VoIP can help you run your business better!

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