We recently had the opportunity to take a manufacturing company from the dark ages right into the 21st Century…  The transformation has been amazing as well as the adoption of the technology by their employees…

The customer was looking to move from a 1980’s old fashioned key phone system to the cloud,  integrate to their existing overhead paging solution and keep within the same monthly budget as what they have been paying for their current analog lines..  The results are as follows…

  • We were able to be within the current budget while deploying a complete technology upgrade.
  • Sales loves the new “find-me-follow-me” feature as well as the ability to be connected to their CSR just by pushing 2 from their voice mail.
  • They really like voice mails being sent to email and especially when they receive text notification of a voice mail which means they can proactively return calls.
  • The Production team now uses wireless handsets which allows them to move around the production floor and give real-time status updates. Giving them freedom and flexibility of complete movement throughout the factory floor while never missing a phone call.
  • The solution seamlessly integrates with their existing overhead paging solution.
  • Built-In Disaster Recovery —  being the solution is in the cloud, if ever the connection is lost to the company calls are automatically re-routed to individual cell phones.

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