Recently a customer needed to move his office and the location.  Where he moved didn’t have Comcast Internet as an option.  We migrated the account from a 50×10 Comcast connection to a symmetric 5×5 Meg Circuit… he was amazed the 5×5 circuit was as fast if not faster than his 50×10 Comcast connection… he was curious as to, “Why is there a difference between Dedicated vs Shared Internet?” and this is the answer I gave…


I used the picture of the Dan Ryan being from Chicago to illustrate the point of Dedicated vs Shared Internet.  If you look at the far left of the picture the lanes are heavily congested.. think of this as a shared internet connection.  Shared connections are basic cable connections and even some fiber connections are shared.  Shared means all of the companies/connections in the area have to use the same path to get back to the internet point of presence.  Which is much like the Dan Ryan during Rush hour.. yes, in theory you can drive 55 miles per hour but try to drive your car 55 miles per hour in bumper to bumper traffic.. it’s not going to work..  thus this is how a cable internet connection works as it is shared by all of the users in the area.

As opposed to a Dedicated Internet connection.  In this solution it is as if the express lanes are dedicated only to you for your personal use at any time of the day..  thus you can always go your full speed of 55 miles per hour at any time.  A dedicated connection typically will be an Ethernet connection and or fiber (but some fiber connections are shared).  While they appear to have a slower speed their real throughput is faster than a shared connection which might advertise to be much faster.

In addition to the dedicated speed a dedicated Internet connection also offers an SLA or Service Level Agreement.  This is huge as a typical Ethernet SLA is a 99.999% up-time.  What this means is in a year you should only experience 15 minutes of down time as opposed to a typical cable connection which has no SLA and has a typically down time of 3-5 days per year.. Therefore, one needs to ask how much business do I lose when the internet is down?  What is my hourly cost in payroll for every hour the internet is down?

Now you might be asking yourself which is the best connection for me?  Without understanding your specific needs and requirements that is a difficult question to answer as both types of services exist.  As we have clients which use both types of connections.  Therefore, in order to find out which connection is best for you contact Open One Solutions, Inc at 312-780-1010 or send us an email at , @telecombob411 on twitter, or visit our website 

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