Cudatel replacement by OOS

Barracuda Networks announced on July 19, 2016 their Cudatel PBX is now end of life and support will only be continued until June 30, 2019.

What are you going to do if you have a Cudatel PBX?

At Open One Solutions, Inc. we have the answer for you.  Your choice is simple and easy.

First, we can reuse all of your current phones and Sangoma cards which are in your current Cudatel PBX.

Second, we migrate you to a Sangome PBXact UC IP-PBX Solution.

Sangoma solutions are highly scaleable as well as extremely affordable. At Open One Solutions, Inc., our clients have found in many cases the cost of a new Sangoma PBXact UC IP-PBX deployment will be less than your current annual maintenance agreement with Cudatel PBX.

Sangoma’s PBXact UC IP-PBX’s are state-of-the-art solutions which are continuously updated with new capabilities, system fixes, and the all import security updates.

The regular security updates are reason alone to upgrade your system.  Sangoma has advanced firewall capabilities built into their deployments.  In fact if you choose to upgrade to the Sangoma family of IP-Phones the deployment will be even more secure with phones which are tightly integrated in the Sangoma PBXact deployment.

In today’s world with the increase in the number of system hackers and attacks it is even more important than ever to upgrade your PBX to a solution which is currently supported along with regular feature and security updates.

Open One Solutions, Inc. specializes in assisting accounts in the migration to the Sangoma PBXact solution from Cudatel PBX. 

Call us today  at 312-780-1010 to arrange a meeting or call where we can custom design a new solution designed specifically for your requirements.  or send us an email to

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