We are pleased to announce a new Sangoma product launch here at Open One Solutions

As you know, since April of 2016, Sangoma had set out to create a line of IP Phones to be the easiest to deploy, maintain and most importantly use! To do this, we designed our s-series IP Phones exclusively for FreePBX and PBXact, giving them the power of Zero-Touch Auto-Provisioning and advanced graphical phone features right out of the box. The s300, s400, s500 and s700 phones have been deployed all around the world in schools, hotels, small and large enterprise and contact centers.

Committed to providing more choices to our customers, today we are announcing the availability of a sister product to our s400 IP Phone, called the s405. It has the same look and features as the s400 but comes with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports (unlike the s400 which has dual 100 Mpbs ports). Some customers prefer dual Gigabit Ethernet, especially in offices where LAN cabling only brings one cable per workstation.

Sangoma s405

Sangoma s405 IP Phone

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.