VoIP Equipment Rental Program

Are you still working with a Laptop that dates as far back as 1995?  We would hope not.

The phone on your desk might be well more than 20 years old.  Today’s phones are no longer the phones of yesterday.  The fact is, today’s phones are actually computers that resemble phones of the past and integrate much more recent technology.  Just like a computer, they need to be upgraded every 3-5 years.

Open One Solutions has created a VoIP equipment rental program which allows your company to deploy the latest equipment which best suits your requirements in this ever changing technical environment.  With no upfront purchase costs, we can bring you into a new technological era, in addition to including professional on-site deployment and training. (in most cases).

We are sure you have found providers that offer a  “FREE” phone with your purchase.  Yet, as we are all aware, there is no such thing as a “Free” anything.  The offer of a “Free” phone include the lowest cost instrument currently available on the open market.  These items typically never support your needs, and notoriously are drop shipped to your location for “self” installation.  We have created this program to assist and streamline the process, by allowing you to deploy the proper equipment and tools that suit your specific needs.  Telecommunications is our job.

The Open One Solutions Rental Program is completely turn-key and includes:

    • Warranty service for as long as you rent the equipment – No charge for replacement and labor. (Normal wear and tear exclusions apply).  The typical manufacture warranty is only 1 year and we warranty the phone for as long as you are on our rental program.
    • 24 months trade-up to other equipment, which allows you to explore the latest technology.  
    • Equipment Upgrade after 36 months.  If the current equipment fulfills your requirements we will continue the rental program at a reduced rate allowing for the on-site continued replacement and labor warranty.
    • We include a professional installation in most cases.  This ties into no expensive up-front deployment costs as they are rolled into as part of the equipment rental program.


Call us today at 312-780-1010 to find out more about our VoIP equipment rental program and how it can best support your company.
Open One Solutions, Inc. is a Chicago based business VoIP Provider specializing in both hosted as well as premised based IP phone systems or IP-PBX solutions.  Open One Solutions brings years of experience in this field. Our company founder has been using hosted VoIP since 2004 and deploying IP-PBX solutions since the 90’s.