When Disaster Strikes is your VoIP Provider Prepared?

The reality is all Hosted Business VoIP providers are not equal.  When Disaster strikes, many of these providers fall sort on response and do not offer automatic re-routing of calls, or for that matter, any re-routing WHAT-SO-EVER! What will happen to all your important phone calls if you lose power or if your internet fails?  Let alone if your office gets struck by any natural disaster.  Most solutions will simply forward them to the “auto-attendant” or “voice-mail”, losing them in the mix!

In our Hosted Business VoIP Solutions, Open One’s  “PizaBoX” calls can be automatically re-routed to cell phones or other chosen devices.  In fact, you actually have a web-based management portal which allows you to take complete control of how to re-route your calls, once disaster strikes.

At Open One we will customize and create disaster recovery auto attendants or interactive voice responses, (IVR’s), which will then re-route specific calls to a cell phone or even a ring group, which can ring to multiple cell phones simultaneously.  By being proactive, we can allow your business to continue operations running smoothly, no matter what the damage.

FACT:  92% of all companies who lose voice and internet for 5 or more days will be out of business within the year.

Don’t let your business be a disaster statistic. The following is a list of questions all customers should be asking their Business VoIP provider:

    • What happens to calls when we lose our internet or power?  Are they simply routed to our current IVR’s and extension voice mails?
    • Do you offer a solution which will automatically re-route my calls to a separate IVR or cell phones? (If so, then ask for a demo, as we have found a demo can be crucial to proven performance.)
    • Can your system administration panel be accessed remotely? (Another integral element which allows you to manage your voice system remotely!)
    • Can your extensions be cloned to an app on your IOS, iPhone and/or Android device or even your laptop?  
    • Do you offer the ability to have special emergency only IVR’s which can re-route calls to a cell phone or group of cell phones?


Open One Solutions, Inc. is a Chicago based business VoIP Provider specializing in both hosted as well as premised based IP phone systems or IP-PBX solutions.  Open One Solutions brings years of experience in this field. Our company founder has been using hosted VoIP since 2004 and deploying IP-PBX solutions since the 90’s.