Cloud Data Center: Location, location location…

Are you considering making the switch to a Cloud Based Phone Service? One of the most important questions you should ask your prospective provider is the location of their Cloud Data Center. Where do all of the phones calls on their system go?  

With Open One Solutions PizaBoX we take our customers phone calls seriously.  That’s why we spent over $1,000,000 building a state of the art, fully redundant data center.  Our Cloud Data Center is completely under our own control. We don’t take chances with our customers phone calls by outsourcing the equipment to a third party locations. 

Features of our fully redundant cloud data center include: natural gas generator, AC & DC battery backup systems, redundant fiber from two different ISPs trenched underground, automatic fail-over between the ISPs. Five independent air conditioning units, anti-static flooring & halon fire extinguishers.

We like to say that we are Hurricane Sandy Certified.  We made it through Hurricane Sandy without dropping a single call.  Most of our competitors can’t make that claim as there were massive system failures during the storm. 

Open One Solutions, Inc. is a Chicago based business VoIP Provider specializing in both hosted as well as premised based IP phone systems or IP-PBX solutions.  Open One Solutions brings years of experience in this field. Our company founder has been using hosted VoIP since 2004 and deploying IP-PBX solutions since the 90’s.

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