V-PBX is Virtual PBX from Open One Solutions

Cloud-based PBX from Open One Solutions

V-PBX gives you the advantages of both cloud-based and premise-based VoIP business telephone service in the combination that is most effective for your business. Our hybrid approach gives your the opportunity to completely fine-tune every aspect of your new business telephone system. Even though it shares the PBX name it is completely different from plain-old-telephone-service (POTS) based PBX. Gone are the per-line fees that are normal in the older system. Open One Solutions gives you the additional advantages of professional installation, local service and experience in the virtual PBX field since 2004.

Your V-PBX system from Open One Solutions will feature the latest in hardware and software from a wide variety of manufacturers. You will enjoy all the features, save money and have no worries about your new business phone system.  All you need to do is click:

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