1. Locally Owned and Operated — We are headquartered in Chicago.
  2. Live Answer – We believe the calls should be answered live by a human.
  3. On-Site Technical Support – We can be on-site to help you. You don’t have to deal with a tech support call center.
  4. Month-to-month Agreements — We believe we need to earn your business every day of every month so we are breaking away from the typical mold of telecom and the industry’s Draconian agreements.
  5. Customizable — We understand there is no cookie cutter of one solution for all.  We also can integrate with best-of-class solutions, such as Salesforce, Outlook, etc.
  6. Migration — Wwe can start you off in the cloud  and migrate you to our onsite or hybrid solution.
  7. Disaster Recovery — We can back up even your premise-based system to the cloud, and if you are on our cloud and lose connection to your office, calls can be automatically rerouted to your cell phone.
  8. More Than 20 Years of Experience in Telecommunications — We started out with Analog lines and have successfully migrated to VoIP.
  9. We are Frugal — We know the value of the dollar and pass the savings along to you.
  10. Lots of Choices — We offer a wide variety of phones from IP Phone providers such as Cisco, Polycom, Digium, Yealink, Sangoma and  Mitel.
  11. Proven Process — We simply know how to deploy VoIP because we have been deploying VoIP systems since 2004.
  12. Monitoring & Security — We monitor our solutions 24×7 and have proactive defense systems in place. It’s like hiring your own team of robots with a laser defense system

We have collected a team of local talent who are experts in their field.  Together we become the superpower that supports your vision of success. Executing the right solution that propels your brand to the next level.

Open One Solutions deploys both on-site and hosted cloud based services.  We pride ourselves on customizing solutions for every client. We install, implement and manage your telecommunications network and teach you how to maximize efficiency within your new network.  Open One Solutions can design an integrated call center to work with your CRM and other solutions.  Our solution is HIPPA compliant and we can assist you in moving your business to the next century!

Everyone deserves cost effective solutions. One solution that is open to listening & executing your needs. You don’t have to worry about the “gotcha” clauses so we save you time, money and frustration. We do not believe in cookie cutter solutions that you had no opinion in forming. Because of this, we typically save our clients between 20% – 65% over their current solution.

The telecom industry is advancing by the minute.  Open One Solutions stays in touch & supports industry leaders. We will insure that you have the right equipment to protect your valuable content. We create efficiencies & teach employees how to get the most out of today’s rapidly advancing technology.

The human aspect needed so much in this industry is gone. Open One Solutions has orchestrated a plan to put the humanity back into the telecom business. As our customer you only have ONE number to call which is answered by an actual person in the United States.  That person knows you and is ready for any questions or issues.  Support is ongoing with continued education.  We teach you how to maximize what you are paying for.

Open One Solutions believes in work/life balance concept.   We understand our employees are the key aspect to our success. We put that harmony to work for you. We can integrate your system for the office, home workers and road warriors.  These solutions create a virtual office anywhere in the world so it looks like you’re in the office even when you’re on the road.

Come join us in creating a long lasting relationship that boosts your business to match your vision of success.

Call today to Open your One Solution with us.

imagine: the possibilities of having a custom integrated phone system designed to increase efficiency within your business, choreographed with every function the business requires like a fine-tuned machine.

imagine: not settling for the usual “cookie-cutter” approach offered by so many phone system providers.

imagine: having the most advanced, state of the art equipment in IP telephony – with as many, or as few features as you want, orchestrated to operate exactly how you want.

imagine: never worrying about your business continuity again, with effective disaster recovery setups in place, 24/7 technical support, and guaranteed response time for service calls.